What is this site?

bandnames.cool is a bandname aggregate website. We love cool bandnames. This website was created by a bunch of boys who loved keeping lists of cool bandnames they thought of. This website was created to help people like us share their collections of cool bandnames!

What are bandnames?

Great question. We don't know. Bandnames can be whatever you want them to be. Don't let your definition of bandnames be limited to the bands you know! Think of the bandnames YOU want to see in the world (unless you see someone upload a string of random characters or something… in that case, DOWNVOTE THEM INTO OBLIVION!!!)

How can I submit bandnames?

You can submit one bandname at the top of the webpage by pressing "submit". You can submit MANY bandnames at once using the "Batch Submit" option, which accepts several different formats! You do NOT need to sign up to submit bandnames.

What's the wheel for?

Spin the wheel with your cursor (or touchscreen on mobile devices) and find out! Discover new bandnames and give them upvotes or downvotes. You can also spin and stop the wheel with the Snake Arrows and Stop Sign buttons respectively. Bandnames on the wheel refresh with every up/downvote.

Why are all the names I'm seeing censored?

A sitewide profanity filter is enabled by default. To turn off the profanity filter, please sign up for an account and then navigate to the "Profile" button at the top of the webpage, uncheck the "Profanity Filter" box, and press "Submit" to uncensor the bad words!

Can I see the bandnames I've uploaded?

Yes, you can! Currently, the only way to view the bandnames you've uploaded is to sign up for an account - you can then view your submitted bandnames in the "Profile" tab from best-to-worst ranked.

What is Bandalytics?

Bandnalytics is a hall of fame: the Valhalla of Bandnames. Here you can see sitewide statistics for all users and submitted bandnames. This feature is still being developed and new functionality will be implemented soon!

Can I use a bandname I found on this site?

We claim no bandname uploaded to this website as our own. Anything uploaded is fair game.

How can I report bugs or submit feedback?

Please report any bugs you come across and submit any feedback you have to this email: [email protected]